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Stray Kids hypes fans with teasers for their Japanese album

Bang Chan and Lee Know teases fans with their stunning visuals for their Japanese album debut

Stray Kids takes a step closer to dominating international stages with their upcoming Japanese album debut with ‘SKZ2020’.

On March 13th, the group’s official Japanese twitter account posted teasers of their hit songs sung in Japanese.

Stray Kids leader Bang Chan and vocalist Lee Know teased their fans with their visuals in their new solo teasers, along with songs included in their album.

Among these popular songs written by their subgroup 3RACHA (composed of Bang Chan, Han and Changbin), are Double Knot, Levanter and My Pace.

They also released the tracklist for their Japanese album in Twitter on Thursday, composed of their songs, including main tracks and subtracks from their previous albums.

To hype the fans more, the group even released a Japanese version of Levanter music video on YouTube on March 9th.

Stray Kids are expected to release ‘SKZ2020’ on March 18th.


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